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Mor|Bid Rom|ance

16th June 2006

Thought it was time I posted in here since its been hmmmmmmm for ever. The kids are great. Dylan had his 3rd birthday last weekend and it was a great time. We never got home till nearly 12 am that night. He is such a cutie pie. I swear the girl is getting to that age were she is ummmm so bossy! Her best friend is sooooooo evil that its starting to rub off on her.I had to ground her for a week and I have never grounded her before, she was just lippy as all hell and told me she hated me blah blah blah. Since I grounded her she has behaved so well. Well since I think I will use this journal again I guess I better go look for a better layout then the one I have. I am so used to using greatestjournal now that I always forget about this one...and plus I have no friends on LJ. But I guess I can search some out. :)

2nd September 2005

am not really drunk , well maybe drunk with power *baaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha* Anyway ,I had a not bad day even though I cant flippin breathe.....(damn summer head colds) . Chantel started school yesterday grade three , wow time flies. Her best friend is also in her class and thats all thats in her class from last year. She has 26 kids in her class, I remember growing up in butt fuck no where ,Alberta and my classes all being split because there was not enough kids for the class. No adays the classes are packed to the max. Well I never thought I would get flack for putting my kids in a Catholic school, someone said to me that is just teaching my kids organized religion is a good thing..Weird thing is this person is baptized AND his child is Baptized Catholic and his wife has even said she was putting her child in a Catholic school.......LMAO I bet he does not even know this yet :-P` . Well Dylan is sick too, he and I had to catch my friends cold. Ohhh My friend or who is my sometime friend..Is moving in with her bf, bad mistake because she does not love him but is doing it for security reasons, as he owns his own home and she does not and he told her she does not have to work etc. I think you should not be with somone that you do not love. Hell 99% of NORMAL people will say the same damn thing.  My  cousin is in jail again , she has 11 charges againest her *yikes* . So I will not be seeing her for a bit I think.

Looks like tomorrow is going to be the last nice day for awhile, I have tickets for the zoo so I am thinking of taking the kiddos, its a good zoo too. The price is insane though , I wonder if its that way everywhere....its $15 bux for me to go and $8 for Chantel ,It might be me but that  seems like a lot..I just turned in my Air Miles to get Channie and I a pass for the day .Dylan gets in free till next year and then he pays.

The way gas prices are right now I am glad I take the "Loser cruiser" its up too 1.14 a liter..I think that works to just about 3.50 a gallon insane !!

I have a friend who lost her home in hurricane Katrina, what a sad sad thing that all is , she did manage to evacuate before hand but still she heard from family members that her home is destroyed, of course she is in my thoughts and prayers, I have never met her , but she and I are in the same support group for 3 yrs now for June 2003 babies ,she is a great gal. The thing I noticed and maybe it will be seen kind of a attack at the American government , but too me they did not seem like they were there fast enough to help its own citizens...Now it might just be me like I said , but it sure seemed like it though.

Anyway I am off to set up the coffee for the next  day and take a hot bath to get rid of the stuffies.


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22nd August 2005


Awwwwwwww its been awhile since I have updated. Not much happening here , Well Chantel came home from my folks and Dylan went to his dads for a few days. My kids are so freaking cute and they are good kids......Well except for today when I went to take Dylan for a haircut and he started to cry and he started to squirm all over the place and it made the lady have a hard time to cut his hair , good thing its a kids hair place so they are good with these things. Soooooooooooo Guess who is right in the city I live in!!! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.....Now I could care less if I seen Brad , but Angelina would be sweet to run into....and to think they were having dinner less then a mile away from my home. I also went out Saturday night and had to quit drinking as the place was so bloody hot that I ended up getting a massive headache. Yesterday my cousin got caught shop lifting *bad bad girl* so she will be off to jail for awhile seeing as she had ten warrants for faliure to appears . My folks were here and brought a whole whack of crap back with them for Chantel. Her room is stacked now, she has (which I gave her) A VCR and DVD player in her room and she HAS to keep her room clean in order top keep it. So I just read the front of the paper ,Brad Pitt is here in town untill Nov, thats quite a time . I love this city so I am sure he will as well. I have only met a few people....I have met Owen Hart when I was a teenager and I always run into Bret Hart because he lives up in my hood....LOL

Well I should go set up the coffee machine for tomorrow ..I am so tired in the am that I need to set it up the night before because im too groggy when I wake up ;) I was going to take Chantel to get the rest of her school supplies but its supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so I will do it Wed or Thursday , plus I want to take the kids to the zoo some time this week. Anyway have a good night all. And click

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31st July 2005

I took this from some person, i don't know who...but

i want everyone who reads this to do this. post anything you want. a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love... anything. here's the catch: it must be posted anonymously.
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2nd June 2005


I am just sitting here this Am reflecting on the last two years ........Where the hell did it go ???? My boy is sitting on the floor watching the Boobahs "In my opinion they look like Penis's" eating his toast and drinking his juice. and now he just looked at me and did a little shake for the Boohbah song..Cute! Well anyway on the tenth he will be 2 , I feel like I was waiting anxiousl for his arival ,and today two years ago would have been about the time I found out I would need a csection for him....They said his shoulders were to wide for the birth canel and his shoulder probably would have broke. I was actually due the 7th and they sceduled the csection for the 10th. Well that day came and I was scared as heck. I ended up getting a spinal for him . He was born and they forgot to tie my tubes while they delivered him.....Good thing I found out later or else I would have been walking around thinking I was sterile.Well anyway he was not breathing when he was born she they had to revive him and then he spent 24 hrs in Nicu. So now I sit here wondering where did the time go seriously? I am going to post some of his pics from when he was like four days old and on..lol

This weekedn me and the kids are going to my folks , there is a commuinty parade out there and I have only missed it once in my whole 33 yrs. Should be a fun time. Chantel is excited as usual. Anywho here are so pics.

Have a great day


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26th May 2005

Hey all.
Well long day for me and the kids today, first Dylan had his two yr check up just a bit early. He is well and he is 3 feet tall and 31 pounds (lost 4 pounds ) Our doctor couldnt even chart him because he is off the charts.....LOL
He has size 8 feet which she said usually kids 3 or 4 are wearing that size. I also was brave and took him out today with OUT his stroller..All he wanted to do is stand and run on the bus..LOL We met up with Crystal and Devon and we went for lunch . Then we made our way down here to pick up Chantel from school ..Then we had to get Chantel ready for her School concert called Under The Sea. Mommy forgot the Camera at home*bad mommy* She did great it was a 45 minute show that just the grade twos put on, in her school the grade twos are the biggest class of all of the classes. I took a few pictures of her after. She looked so cute and she did such a good job and she was so proud showing off her brother to her friends.
Well added a few pictures have a awesome weekend!!

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10th May 2005

Hmm What a weekend......Dylan and Chantel or should I say DYLAN is so mean to his big sister , Chantel is so easy going and stuff and well Dylan is right out and out mean to her. Chantel was on the phone Sunday with grandma and then Dylan came up to her and whacked her right in the face with his weeble wobbles trkc........Her nose exploded in blood and now its swollen and bruised. Well on Sunday I didnt even have to make supper as Laura made a roast with all the fixings. You think I should have made HER supper as she is the one with 5 kids, her two boys live with their dad though. It was a good day! Her and I are pretty close buddies now she is so sweet and nice, Chantel is good friends with her oldest daughter she is close to the same age .....Then her youngest is alomst 4 and the same height as Dylan.......LOL My babe is so tall.
Today Dylan is 23 months old , how the time flies!!!!!!! Mom is in town staying at Crystals for the week....I should head down there sometime this week and see her :) I have added two pics of Dylan today watching TV .....He is sooooooooooooo freaking cute! I am trying to get pics of Chantel , but she goes to school and is out till supper and then sometimes outside after supper ....she is my active girl , that kid could live outside if it was up to her......LOL
Anyway have a good day.
The scratch on Dylans face is a result of the Shaw Digital remote......Think I might call them and get a new one as it has a jagged piece and Chantel grabbed the remote from him and it scratched him, it wasnt her fault but man did she cry

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2nd May 2005


hnmmm well what to write??
Ohh I have my damn dizzy spells back :(
Dylan is going to be 23 months old in 10 days ......I will post a picture of him when he fell down the cement stairs......That kid is 100% boy!! He will have a scar there I am sure. Chantel is doing great she loves school of course. Her newest fav thing are Pokemons. She used to like them when she was 4/5 and then they just died out for her , buut she has a new best friend so they collect them and do the whole collector book stuff for them. She is so funny. Today I asked her to clean her room...well she all of a sudden had a tummy ache..lol
Well I guess I will post the Dill bar picture and then go play the ummm sims


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3rd April 2005

Well the kids will be home today ,..yipeeeee ..I had a aweful sleep lately. So its daylights savings time...Yeah the hour ahead thing .Yuck its going to take Dylans brain to get used to it again. Well today is my last day of junk food. I am going top start eating healthy. I am going to get up and eat breakfast and not just wait till my body is starved. I have to drag out all my weigh watchers stuff again. I am ready this time , before I was not ready. Diets fail, people fail at the diets..Buit you know what I am 33 yrs old and find it hard to kick learned habits.I was never taught how to eat properly at all. But if I want a juicy fatty hamburger I am going to eat it..lol
The walking Chantel to school will help I think , its a 20 minute walk there and a 20 minute walk back so take her there and then do the same for after school, so thats what 80 minutes a day.That should be good for starting out. I know I need to bulid up my matbolism up . I have BAD BAD eating habits and I think thats going to be the hardest change...........As well fighting depression does not help , but maybe if I get my weight down some I will like myself some more...What made me really think is my kids..I am 33 and grossly overweight, I do not want someone else raising my babies. If this does not work I will seriously have toi think of the "alternative" which is the weight loss surgery , but I sure hope I dont have to go down that road.I have heard some horror stories on all that. Anyway Chantel starts back at school tomorrow. She is in the Catholic school system and seeing as how the Pope died this weekend I am sure thats all thats going to be mentioned in class or at least in religion class. Sad but he is with the lord now , he is at peace now.
Well I should go take back my DVD's I rented last night .Taxi.and The notebook...<<<< I cried like a baby..I am glad I was alone..Lol

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30th March 2005

Man ohh man I am still in my stupid funk....But on to postives.I realized something last night. He does not love me, he has never loved me and he never will *phew thats hard to admit*. But now thats in my head I can move on. Well the kids are at my folks place till sunday. I miss them so freaking much!!!! Chantel has no one to walk her to school anymore. I wouldnt mind picking her up in the afternoon....Dang wish her weekly walker did not have to move :( So many kids go to the public school across the street .But Chantel goes to the catholic school , so only three kids up here go there. So I have to get up in the EARLY am and get Dylan dressed and trek up to the school. Yuckkkkkkkkkkkkk I hate early morning and waking Dylan up , Chantel has to be there for 8:30 and its like a 20 minute walk there and back so forty minutes round trip...BLAH!!!!! Then pick her up for 3 pm. I guess the kids had a great Easter.Makes my mom so happy to have thge kids for the holiday. I swear sometimes she loves them more then she did me or my sister. My couisn yesterday broke up with her bf..Man what a nasty scene that all was. On friday me and Crystal will be going to the mom and tots fair.Man I loved going there last year it was so much fun and so many free products for the kiddos..Anyway I should head to bed its like 11:24 pm and I had a late night early morning . Good night.
Current Mood: depressed

21st March 2005


Well I have been single for 1237 days now...How Grime is THAT!!!? Ohh man I am aching for some love.I am soooooooooooooooo UNLUCKY in love though ...........I swear I am going to stay single for EVER..1237 days is a long freaking time though isn't it. I havent even had a date in all that time!!!! My heart belongs to bozo but I know I dont think I would want to be with him anyway.He is to immature....Speaking of him its his 23 birthday tomorrow..Wow to be 23 again.......NOT!

I am in a funk.I hate this feeling I have!!!!!!! I am seriously depressed on how long I have been single and I probably will harp on and on about it..lol

Well Chantel lost her front tooth she looks so cute wiuth two front teeth missing. My kids are so cute, but damn they were so cranky tonight its unreal. Dylan went to bed like 10 minutes earlier then usualy because I couldnt stand his whining. I forgot to buy his dad a Birthday card. Ohhhh well..lol

Well I am headache-y and stuff so I am gonna go.


Current Mood: cranky

11th March 2005


Well I will make this short but sweet..lol I am in a pissy mood today grrrrrrrrrrrr I am glad this day is almost done though. I feel tired and dragged out. My depression I think is starting to come back. My world seems to be going to fast . It just seems wake up and go to bed wake up go to bed..Its just running to fast!!!! I cant believe Dylan turned 21 months old yesterday!!! Where has the time seriously gone!? He is so cute and so is Chantel they mean the world to me :) Chantel got her report card tpoday and of course she got a A again on Music...Her math is failing a bit she got all c, and b's BUT one D and thats for Math..Like mother like daughter I suppose..tee hee..I was the exact same way for math. The damage from the fire is minimal now. Ohh yeah my cousin started my place on fire I will post a picture of it. Patti ended up calling 911 for the fire ..Some hot firefighters came to...damn! Anyway my cousin had a cigarette and put it into the butt can and it started the tarp I had covering the lawnmower on fire. Lets say I am not too happy. I am going to put insurance on ...because I am now out a lawnmower and a BBQ!!! See people smoking does not only hurt your body but other things!!!! Ok I am going to finish laundry.


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13th January 2005


Just click down below to see the few pics I took of Dylan tonight...LOL!!!!! He is wearing Mommies Glasses check it out just click the link called Dylan in glasses , enjoy!! This was before bath time, wow he is starting to talk a ton he is saying new words (baf , eww eww eww, boo boo, eww cold, hot hot, teef (teeth)) LOL I love him learning new words , my boy is too freaking cute. So Chantel wants to brave the cold tomorrow and go to school , bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no Thanks! So I have her stuff all set out and I will probably make her Chicken noodle soup or something. Man you can tell I have cabin fever , I am going NUTS!!!!!!!! Sometimes I hate living alone , mostly when Chantel is at school and Dylan is napping , then they both go to bed at 8:30 and after I do the dishes and clean up there is NOTHING to do what so ever *sigh* Don't get me wrong I also in some ways love being single , I donot have to answer to anyone ,plus I want the best person in my life for my kids sake , I don't just have to look out for the right one for me I also have to look out for the right one for my kids. Its comming on 3 and a half years since I seriously dated. I have not dated one single person since Dylan has been born and thats 19 months ago .Anywho I will post the pics now ENjoy them.


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Anyway I still can't figure out how to write more after the cut.. I think I am part blond ;) I love the new communties I am part of to learn more things. I learned how to put the layouts in properly from __loveable . There is a lot of helpfull people out there which is really great. Anyway today Chantel stayed home from school again ,its just way to cold , when I woke up it was -33 thats nuts!!!!!! So she stayed in. Dylan is good his toe still looks sick . I think on Monday I will take him to another doctor as that should have been healed by now, he took the whole ten days of antibiotics , so there is no reason it should not be healed, it is frustrating. Well we are having Chantels Birthday this weekend, Saturday and she is having six friends over (one of which is part SATAN)..lol She picked out her own cake ,which is the Power Puff Girls..lol She loves Shrek but wanted something girly..lol She is so freaking cute. So back to the school thing when I called this AM they said "Ohh she is staying home because of the weather and I am like "Yep" They are like "Enjoy your warm home" .

Dylan is napping weeeeee and Chantel is napping weeeee, this no school thing made her sleepy. So Crystal is going to pick up all the Birthday stuff for me just because its supposed to get so nasty cold out there and I dont feel like picking up the cake in -20 weather. I will take pics of her birthday and pos it here. Anyway I guess I should run and do the tiny bit of dishes I have or perhaps find something to dig up for supper. Have a good one.:)
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12th January 2005

You Are 22 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe. 13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world. 20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences. 30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more! 40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.
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10th January 2005

Man this week has SUCKED!!!! First off Chantels dad stayed with us for a week because he ended up getting some kind infection in his arm and the thing almost looked like it was crawling up his arm ,its sick. Anyway I had to ask him to leave , he is the most selfish selfcentered person I KNOW! He and I started to argue , he then yelled out (he thought Chantel was sleeping) "Hey Chantel Dylan really isnt your brother , he is just a little bastards kid" Well I flipped out and told him to get out now. I went up stairs after he left and Chantel heard him say that , and I am crying just thinking of it. She asked me what he meant and all I could tell her is that Dylan is her real brother and that her daddy was just mad. So after that session I don't think I will let him around her for awhile, he was out of her life for just about 3 yrs so whats a few more, better to have one loving parent anyway. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs and he does ALL these things.Phew no wonder I stay single , I dont think anyone will be good enough father figures for my babes.
Chantels birthday is comming up in a few days ,and I cant believe she is gonna be 8
Her is the second of my many vents ...Iwanna leave this part of Canada, well for the winter anyway , I dont drive so I havent been able to get out of the house because the weather here has been -8 F and thats INSANE cold! The wind chill one night even got to -40F and I cant take Dylan out in that as he will NOT keep his mittens on and he would freeze badly then. We went out tonight as it got a little warmer , we will be going out tomorrow to pick up Chantels Bday present ,we are having a little party for her on Sat.
My third vent is not really a vent but I am sad as heck , Chantel has had a guniea pig for like 9 months now and I have to give it away..She is not watching or playing with it at all, I feel like crap I almost feel sad like a family member is going away , I wish in away I could back out but I cant someone else has bought him now. But I have been telling her for about four months now that if she doesnt feed ,clean his cage etc that I would have to give him away and talking to her nearky WEEKLY and still she isnt doing it , I thought it best he go to a home where he will be better taken care of but yet I feel like crap. Anyway I should try and get to bed, I stayed up watching a movie last night till 2 am and had to get up at 6:30 so I feel like a zombie.
love ya all.
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8th January 2005

Man ohhh man this weather bites!!!!! Its been miserable for sooooooo long now. Sooooo the kidletts are in the bath and I just did the dishes and its sooooooo quiet in here , I can hear them move but they must not be playing they must just be looking at each other..lol

Its supposed to be a LITTLE decent on Monday so I will go order Chantels cake then and get a few things from the twoonie store (in Canada a twoonie is two dollars..lol) What is it anyway I am 33 yrs old and my flipping face is still breaking out like a teenager , I guess that goes away when you hit menopause ( Hope thats NOT too soon) I took a picture of Dylan discusting toe yesterday its gross. The kids are good ,I am sure Dylan has cabin fever like mommy , seeing as Chantel goes to school , but Dylan never leave on his mitties soso much for being able to take him out in this weather. Its official with this cold of weather HELL has frozen over. Anyway here is a pic of Dilly's toe Have ag ood one


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5th January 2005

10:49pm: Sleepy
Well I am so tired tonight and I have no idea why, the weather here has been CRAP!!! Today was one of the first days it was actually half decent out. The rest of the week is supposed to be like -21 to -28 now if it gets to -28 there is NO way I am sending Chantel to school in that, speaking of Chantel OMG she will be 8 soon , why does time have to fly by so fast? Dylan is going to be 19 months old soon and it just seems like I had him as well. But Chantel being 8!!!!!!! Time sure does fly faster when you have kids IMO. Yesterday Dylan scribbled all over my walls grrrrrrrrrrrrr Thank goodness for Mr Clean erasers. Jim is staying here for a few days he has a bad infection in his arm and in his finger , its sick as heck. He has to be on antibiotics for ten days. I have not heard from Lyle in a long time. But Annette had Dylan a few weeks before Christmas , I don't know why that family pisses me off so much, They couldnt even come to Dylans VERY FIRST birthday party and they did not even get him anything for Christmas ,just ticks me off they buy stuff for there but don't get him anything to use for here. I really truly think annette hates me anyway. Dont blame her really I am 10 years older then Lyle and she is just 11 years older then me. I have no idea what to get my baby girl for her Birthday , perhaps I will buy her a outfit for her birthday, she has a lot of toys etc from Christmas , thats the only downside of her Birthday being so close to Christmas. Well I should go make her lunch. Have a great one.
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1st January 2005

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Happy New Year all. Hope everyone enjoyed their day. Me and Chantel stayed up last watching a classic...The Wizard of oz, She loves that movie..teehehehe.Then at 5 to midnight I made her change the channel so I could at least watch the count down. She tehn went to bed at like 12:30 and all flipping night I kept thinking it was Saturday and was looking for mad tv , Damn New Years eve put me off. Well Dylans toe IS infected , he has to take Antibiotics for 10 days at 4x a day which sucks for him , poor little man . Well I kicked Jim out again , man that guy can't get his priorities straight. He even had sex with the chick across the street..This is the second time he screwed one of my neighbors and this is WHY we are NOT together and have not been together for 5 years opps my mistake it will be 6 years on the 11 th of this month. Can you believe he slept with one of my neighbors TWICE oy vy. Some nice girl on Icons made me my pics of the kids, how sweet! I guess I should run and get the kids out of the tubby, crazy Chantel has wanted to take a bath with Dylan everynight for 4 nights now, gives me a chance to do some heavy duty cleaning. I just dusted the Tv , yucky kid fingers all over the screen, plus my monitor had the same thing. My damn sink is so plugged *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* I need to call he LL and get them to fix the stupid sink , even Drano and Liquid Plumber is NOT working , the water is just sitting there stale and will drain in a hour. I hate that so much. Well I am off to get the kidlets and give Dylan his ass cream and his antibiotics...Poor boy also has a fungus ass..lol Well he hada diaper rash and I thought it was JUST a diaper rash but nope!! here is a pic of him I took before we went to the clinic yesterday. Isn't he a happy camper.

Opps Photo bucket is down so I will have to post later .


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30th December 2004


New Years eve is tommorow and I have no plans .Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . I guess me and chantel will watch Dick Clarks rockin eve with Regis..I have no done anything for New Years eve for ever now. The last time was 2001 going into 2002 and thats when I first did something with you know who..lol
The kids are great except I THINK I have to take Dylan to the doctor his freaking big toe area is all infected . Well will try and write more in 2005 have a great new year all


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25th December 2004

Well the day was great the kids were totally spoiled , hope everyones day rocked.

Current Mood: cheerful

24th December 2004

Yeah I figured it out a bit anyway I will take some pictures tomorrow so stay tunned , not that anyone ever reads this , but its here..lol


Current Mood: ditzy
I love this time of year, makes it all worth while to see the looks on the kids faces Christmas morning . Tonight we are going to Jim's brothers house, I still consider them a big thing in Chantels life, she needs o know that side of the family as well. I did not get the kids to much this year but me and my sister did go half 'ers on a cell phone for our folks. They need it , I can never get a hold of them when I need them. SO far it doesnt look like I am going to be doing much for New Years eve, go figure story of my life..lol
Anyway will post pics later of me and the kids and family from Christmas , take care.

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2nd December 2004

♠Well this is my first entry. I am not very good with words, I used to be , but somewhere along the way I lost my way of communicating. I am hoping that by blogging (journalling) that I will be able to express my self a little more. Firts things first me and the kids are doing great. Chantel has not missed a day of school yet and its just about in the middle of the year.Yippeeeee. She will be the big 8 yrs old in a little more then a month Seems like she has grown up way way too fast. Dylan will be 18 months old in a few more days 8 days to be exact........A whole year and a half his grandma is comming to take him tomorrow , so me and Chantel will have some mommy and daughter time. I so love my babies As for myself my back is soooooooooooo messed up , my back hurts pretty much 24/7 , but the other night (tuesday ) I actually was able to sleep through the night which was awesome ,as I get up 5-6 times a night because of my back. I wish It would go away for good I am not sure what me and Chantel will do this weekend , probably go to the mall and check out stuff for Dylan for Christmas. Its comming up very fast its already the 2nd of dec and I am amazed it seems like Halloween was just yesterday , is it me or is life going by super fast lately ??? ANyway have a great night.

Current Mood: cheerful
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